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Successful technology platforms demand a holistic approach to its moving parts. Maxys brings an integrated and balanced perspective in building solutions for immediate needs, and strategic planning for the next generation technologies.

Data-Center and Cloud Services

Systems, Communications and Cloud

Private and Off-Premise Data-Centers

Network Engineering and Storage

Cloud Archival, Snapshots and Replication

Office Integration, SMS, VoIP, Conferencing

Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure Deployment

Consulting and Development Services

Consulting and Software Development

Enterprise and Web Applications

Project Management and Dev-Ops

Websites, SEO, CDN and eCommerce

SQL and NoSQL Databases

Dashboards and Analytics

Cyber-Security Services

Cyber and Security

Network Security and Intrusion Detection

Antivirus and Malware Prevention

Monitoring and Remote Management

FedRAMP and Security Documentation

Industry Internet Security Compliance


Backed by Two Decades of Experience and Successful Engagements


It takes more than firewalls and virus protection to secure your organization. Communications can be secured with VPNs and encrypted channels. However hackers can introduce malware into the service endpoints that then transport them unchallenged past firewalls into your network through secure and encrypted connections. To be effective network security devices need to unwrap the security layer and conduct deep packet inspection of the data traffic to recognize an attack.


Office Applications like Office 365, VOIP and PBX, Voice Messaging, EMail, and SMS for internal collaboration and marketing campaigns are no longer separate domains. Enhance employee efficiency by integrating the systems. The services can be deployed from internal data-centers or from the cloud. The cloud brings multiple vendors with defined services and rates ready to integrate. Leverage phone and video conferencing, live meetings and recorded webinars.


Modern systems and technology are a moving target. To remain productive periodic training and updates to skills are needed. It is not always possible for employees under pressure to deliver results, to stay updated, to research, or add new necessary skills. Maxys provides courses in project management, agile methodology, software development, web content management, dev-ops and cyber-security practices.


In addition to straightforward shopping cart integration, e-commerce systems need to integrate multiple capabilities to be successful. Realtime inventory management to manage sales, invoice generation, accepting credit cards and bank checks, returns and refunds, in and out bound shipment tracking, customer contact, messaging and promotions, accounts receivables for bigger customers with net payable terms.


Effective and functional websites are invaluable for organizational presence and business development. Capable web-applications keep employees efficient and customers satisfied. Mobile applications speed up employee interaction, make available time sensitive and critical information as in sales and customer support situations, help with monitoring of technical systems, status of projects, and timely handling of events.


On-Premises Data-Centers take hard work. Cloud based systems offer the ability to unleash your entire data-center through scripts. Scale it up or down, all while saving significantly on premium floor space lease. Leverage pre-configured packages, continuous replication and snapshot backups, scalability of storage, compute and network architecture, gargantuan data pipes with free IP addresses.



TZ Entry Level Series Comprehensive protection and lightning-fast performance in an entry level next-generation firewall. Five different models designed for small networks including remote and branch offices. Advanced unified threat management (UTM) security, networking and management features plus optional 802.11ac Wi-Fi ensure you are protected from threats over wired and wireless connections.

SuperMassive Series Designed with leading-edge threat inspection technology and hardware processing power, these high end firewalls support the largest, most complex and demanding security use cases. With comprehensive security services including sandboxing, SSL inspection, intrusion prevention, anti-malware, application identification and content filtering, SuperMassive is the ideal next-generation high end firewall for securing large distributed enterprises and data centers.


Security As A Service stops viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, key loggers, and more before they enter your network

Prevent “drive-by downloads” from infected websites

Mitigate denial-of-service and flooding attacks

Stop network traffic from geographical regions and IP addresses associated with cybercriminals

Block outbound “command and control” cybercriminals traffic from stealing your confidential information

Control access to websites containing unproductive and inappropriate content

Ensure high-priority applications (CRM, order processing) receive more bandwidth than less urgent applications (chat, video streaming)


Reassembly Free Deep Packet Inspection engine scans against multiple application types and protocols

Deep Inspection engine is not limited by file size or the amount of concurrent traffic it can scan

Deep Inspection protects against hidden application vulnerabilities by working at all network layers including the application layer

Deep Inspection ensures your network is protected from internal and external attacks

Deep Inspection scans multiple application types and protocols, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, FTP, HTTP and NetBIOS

RFDPI provides contextual controls over identity and access of users and applications, data leakage and network optimization

RFDPI provides granular reporting, auditing and forensics

  About Maxys LLC

Maxys was founded as a Virginia Corporation in 1997, by Sri Amudhanar, to bring leading information technology products, services and solutions to enterprises and the government.

Over the past two decades Maxys has continued to invest into the latest technological developments while allowing experience to guide best practices. Maxys partners with select technology and service vendors to bring proven products and solutions to customers.
Maxys provides customers with consulting, vendor authorized class room training with certification programs, software development, systems integration, implementation and go-live deployments, data-center operations, technical support and maintenance services.

  Our Mission

To bring success to your technology projects

Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision - To be your reliable service provider

Our Strategy - Systems, connectivity and user devices evolve in interdependent ways. To capture the promise of technological advances we invest in understanding the interconnected forces driving progress.

Our Care - New technology gets more complex and legacy technology becomes obsolete at an increasing pace. The lines separating voice, video, data analytics, knowledge, intelligence, geospatial, embedded and realtime systems have blurred.
Modern speeds of connectivity have enabled us to alloy distributed resources into powerful services and capabilities. These amalgamations bring new capabilities as well as threats from vast reaches of cyberspace, the new frontiers of our generation, where the challengers strive to evolve faster than our defenses.
Small communities and businesses who are not able build internal expertise in cyber-defense remain vulnerable without structured defences. Review of advances in technology and their security implications go hand in hand.


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